Sometimes I really miss this other blog, what do I do??? :(


My atelier has started its own countdown to Christmas. This is the tree I made with some of my musical pleasures.

Blog change (I’m deleting this blog soon)

If you don’t mind I’m going to change my blog within a few days. Actually, I can’t call it a “change”, once I’m just deleting this one - which used to be my main blog - and keeping my Little Joy blog, which will replace this very blog and become my main blog. I’ll only post Little Joy related stuff there, fyi.

Anyway, you can still find me in the following links from now on:

If you want to keep in touch, just message me over here and we’ll talk, I’ll send my facebook or twitter or lastfm, idk. I only know this is a goodbye.



Excuse me while I die.

Meant to be ours (((soon)))

Nikolai broke the zoonx
Good times…


if y’all think americans are patriotic then u clearly have never met a brazilian

If y’all think all Brazilians are patriotic then you cleary never met me.

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